Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Are you researching drug therapies or medical devices? Try using Embase, a database that indexes the latest research from 8,100 journals, 11,500 conferences, and several pre-print services.

 Use Embase if you are looking for:

  • Clinical evaluations of  pharmaceuticals or medical devices
  • Conference abstracts dating back to 2009
  • Supplemental results to your PubMed search, especially for a systematic review

Usage Tips:

    • PICO – uses the Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome framework to guide your search construction
    • PV Wizard – for pharmaceutical vigilance searches. This is especially helpful to search for adverse drug reactions
    • Medical device – helps find information about devices in clinical trials, adverse device effects, or device economic information
    • Drug – The Drug Search form includes specific filters for drug behavior and route of administration
    • Disease – The Disease Search form includes disease search subheadings

What content is included?

  • Over 37 million records including 3.6 million conference abstracts (Embase content)
  • Over 2900 journals not indexed by Medline
  • Content is indexed using Emtree subject headings, with over 86,000 preferred terms including 33,000 for drugs and chemicals and over 5,500 for medical devices

Similar resources:

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Find It! Service Outage

The Dykes Library Find It! service FindIt! buttonand the E-Journal Finder will not be available starting Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 10am for up to 12 hours while our vendor performs system maintenance.

Databases such as ClinicalKeyAccess Medicine, and UpToDate will be unaffected. Similarly, you will be able to access full text links in other databases such as CINAHL or GoogleScholar if the content is linked to directly. To access these databases you may browse our databases list.

Please try the following workarounds to access articles. Be aware that these may not work in all situations. 
  • In PubMed, you may use the full text links provided by the publisher. For example: 
  • Full Text Links in PubMed
  • Search for the article within GoogleScholar or any of our other databases in case they link directly to the full text content.
Thank you for your understanding and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Student Appreciation at A. R. Dykes Library

Every year A.R. Dykes Library of the Health Sciences contributes a few questions to the KUMC Annual Student Survey, and we always appreciate the students’ comments.  As we start the Fall, 2021 semester, we want to share some of our resources and services that were mentioned in recent surveys. Our building hours have been of concern.

Effective Spring 2021: A.R. Dykes Library Building Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8:00 a.m. – 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

   Some of your responses highlight what you like about the library

 Other responses indicate you want to learn more

And still other things are "in the works" in response to the survey and coming soon! 

  • Dykes Library has a full range of research guides for medical, nursing and allied health students! Check out our full list.
  • Want to broaden your search skills? Reach out to your Biomedical Librarian Liaisons at
  • You can search all our Electronic Journal titles via the E-Journal Finder on our homepage. Select E-Books option for just the books!
  • You can set up personal accounts with many of the databases and journals you use most frequently. Check out our guide that describe the steps for our most popular resources.
  • The library has access to over 10,000 E-Books and 50,000 E-Journals! Search all our e-resources.
  • The top floor of the library is for quiet study. No phones, convo or gum popping, please! 😊
  • We have adjustable standing desks and treadmill desks to support you and your health while you study - stability balls, too.
  • Need a charger for your laptop or phone? Just ask at the front desk.

  • We love to hear from you! Chat with us or give us a call at 913-588-7166 from 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday-Friday and 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Just use the link at the top corner of the homepage.


  • OR find our chat feature in any of these places


  • Working off campus? Always make sure to start at the library homepage to ensure you're getting all the access you should as a KUMC student. We have instructions here and suggest bookmarking our links.
  • If you're not seeing our Find It!@KUMC button, then you may not be getting the full text you're entitled to as a KUMC student. Make sure to follow our access instructions here.

  • If you don't see these, either start from our library's Google Scholar link or customize your Google account settings. You should be seeing our Find It!@KUMC links in Google Scholar!
  • Did you know we can help you locate articles even if your search returns a "not found in our collection" message? Just click the "Request this item" button. We're pretty speedy - try it!


  • Did you know we have the full Adobe Creative suite of software on our computers?
  • We post news and upcoming library events on our website.
  • Quick and Easy bookmarking:


  • Taking requests! If you think our collection is missing something, let us know!
  • Dykes' biomedical librarians offer a wide range of webinars on topics including PubMed, EndNote, and Embase. Check out our full list of recordings and please get in touch if you want instruction on something else. The Fall 2021 schedule is on the way.
  • We recently remodeled seven study rooms! Find them on the upper floor, southwest corner.
  • Tall and standard study tables with plenty of whiteboards and privacy screens are located throughout the upper floor for you to create single or group spaces.
  • Did you know we have power sticks scattered around the library? More power!
  • Did you know you can keep up on what is happening at Dykes Library by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  • We'd love your feedback! Click here to share your thoughts with us.
  • Feeling generous? You can make a gift directly to the library via our A.R Dykes endowment fund.