Monday, May 1, 2017

Update on Student Printing

As of June 1, printing at Dykes Library has a capped amount per student. Based on the spring 2017 semester, the quota will impact fewer than 100 students and was arrived at jointly with the Student Government Council.

Here are the details:
·         $20 will be added to each person's printing account per spring and summer/fall semesters. This works out to be 670 pages of black/white at $.03 per page or 80 pages of color at $.26.
·         Students needing more than $20 worth of printing will be able to pay by credit card at the library User Services desk. Amounts will be reset at the start of each semester regardless of balance.
·         The printers will have a new 'tap-n-go' service that will not release the print job until you tap your badge to it. This will reduce unclaimed print jobs and provide security for sensitive documents.
·         Students will be able to print directly from their own devices after a small download. Instructions available here.

Why is this being done?

Dykes Library was an early partner with KUMC's recycling efforts and shares a commitment to a green, clean, and sustainable medical center. As the library and SGC work together to reduce waste, our goal is to ensure that all students have what they need to succeed. The library must focus its limited resources on needed journal and database collections and research collaborations in the classroom and individuals.

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