Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fee-Free Interlibrary Loan for KUMC and KU Hospital through A.R. Dykes Library of the Health Sciences

The A.R. Dykes Library of the Health Sciences is waiving the costs of Interlibrary Loan fees for all KUMC and KU Hospital faculty, staff and students as of July 1, 2015. Based on employee and student survey comments, KUMC customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the fees charged to them for interlibrary loan. Library director, Jameson Watkins and the Dykes library staff in Content and Access have decided that instead of spending staff time billing KUMC and hospital employees, staff will use that time to offer better services such as exploring other models for providing immediate full text content to users.

Beginning July 1, the library will absorb all costs charged by other libraries for interlibrary loan services provided to KUMC campuses. For more information on interlibrary loan services, please go here or contact the library staff  here

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