Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MD Consult Enhancements

The latest version of MD Consult features several enhancements:

  • Select different font sizes to view content. Users can select desired font size (small, medium, large, and largest) from the icons in the upper right corner of MD Consult. The selected font size will persist from page to page, but will reset when the user starts a new session.
  • Modify fonts for Patient Education handouts. To change the font size, be sure to use MD Consult's print features, and not your browser's print option.
  • An option in Patient Handouts to add additional blank space for written instructions when printing the handout. Simply click the checkbox and then hit save before you print.
  • When searching for a drug, the Best Bets result now displays links for different sections of a drug monograph (patient education, indications/dosage, contraindications/precautions, interactions, adverse reactions).
  • QR Codes are displayed on all printed content pages, except patient education handouts and drug monographs. Scanning the code with your mobile device will take you to the URL of the printed material. Again, you must use the MD Consult print feature to print the QR Code.
MD Consult provides instant access to full-text articles from over 80 medical journals and Clinics, 50 leading medical references across a wide range of specialties, clinically relevant drug information, and over 15,000 patient handouts.
Find health-related news from MD Consult, including:

MD Consult is one of many carefully selected clinical reference resources provided by Dykes Library, KUMC, KUPI, and KU Hospital.

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