Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Science is getting: easier, harder, both, neither?

Dr. Jonathan D. Moreno, Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, of History and Sociology of Science, and of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, has posted an interesting essay on the Huffington Post, titled, "Check This Box: Science Is Getting Easier/Harder/Both/Neither?" Dr. Moreno asserts, "...science is asking more precise questions but the answers are harder to get." He also writes, "In a way, we've already plucked much of the low-hanging fruit. Though it took tens of thousands of years to get on track, once we got there we learned fast. How low-hanging the fruit of new knowledge is depends in part on how we approach it. We seem to be in a transition period from a marvelously rich era of discovery in the last thirty years to an era in which new concepts and methods will be required to gain access to another range of powerful discoveries." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jonathan-d-moreno/check-this-box-science-is_b_1408938.html?ref=science

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