Friday, December 20, 2019

Request Materials (ILLiad) Down for Maintenance

The Request Materials (ILLiad - Interlibrary Loan) system will be down on Thursday, January 2nd for maintenance. During the system maintenance you will not be able to place new requests or retrieve existing requests.  We apologize for any inconvenience. For questions, please contact library staff at 913-588-5073.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

PubMed Redesign

Get excited! PubMed has been modernized. 
To continue to see our FindIt!@KUMC button you will need to access PubMed through the Dykes Library website or by using the following link:
We expect you’ll find the site experience to be improved and want to highlight some of the key changes below. 

  • Responsive web design for better experience on all devices
  • Modern web design incorporated throughout site 
  • Best Match sort by default
Screen capture of search results page in new PubMed Interface

For even more information, check out the official PubMed user guide or view the recent webinar, "A New PubMed: Highlights for Information Professionals."

You may continue to use the legacy version of PubMed for now, but links will start automatically redirecting to the new PubMed in the next few months and the legacy version will eventually be discontinued.

If you have questions, please contact us!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Open Access Week

October 21-27, 2019!

Open Access is the freely immediate online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment. Open Access Explained


The 2019 Open Access Week Advisory Committee is pleased to announce that the theme for the 2019 International Open Access Week, to be held October 21-27, will be “Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge”.

As the transition to a system for sharing knowledge that is open by default accelerates, the question “open for whom?” is essential—both to consider and to act upon. Whose interests are being prioritized in the actions we take and in the platforms that we support? Whose voices are excluded? Are underrepresented groups included as full partners from the beginning? Are we supporting not only open access but also equitable participation in research communication? These questions will determine the extent to which emerging open systems for research will address inequities in the current system or replicate and reinforce them.

This year’s theme will build on the groundwork laid last year when discussions focused on “Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge.” The 2018 theme highlighted the importance of making a central commitment to equity as we transition toward new systems for sharing knowledge, and the past twelve months have only seen the pace of that transition increase. Because of this, the Open Access Week Advisory Committee decided it was important to focus on equity again in 2019—to deepen our conversations about being inclusive by design and to turn those conversations into action.
How Does Dykes Library Support OA?
KU's One University Open Access (OA) Author Fund is designed to heighten the visibility and accessibility of the University's scholarship.
  • Request OA Funding Here
Additionally, publication consultations through the Research and Learning Department and through the One University OA Fund team are available for researchers to identify high-quality open access journals to publish within and to navigate questions of copyright and authors' rights.

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