Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meet Our Experts program ending November 14

After four years, Dykes Library has ended the Meet Our Experts program. Effective November 14, 2014, no new publication data or profiles will be added to Meet Our Experts. However, the site will remain online and accessible until November 2016.
The Library Technology team will work with departments and research teams to transport publication data from Meet Our Experts to ORCID Profiles.
Departments that link faculty web pages to Meet Our Experts profiles may consider several options:
  • Continue to link to Meet Our Experts profile pages until November 2016.
  • Replace the Meet Our Experts link with a link to PubMed's list of publications. See an example at Biochemistry faculty pages.
  • Encourage faculty to sign up for an ORCID Profile and link to the ORCID record. See examples here and here.
  • Work with the Library and Web Services to explore other options.
Efforts moving forward will focus on identifying better tools and services for the researcher community. The Library remains committed to improving researchers' ability to get correct attribution for their scholarships, highlighting research collaborations, and expanding the visibility of KU Medical Center scholarships. Please contact our Research and Learning team with comments or questions.

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