Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Journals at Dykes Library


A special thank you to University Leadership for working with the Faculty Assembly Information Resources Committee and Dykes Library personnel in making additional funding available to Dykes Library to support collections (journals) for researchers, faculty, clinicians, students. 

Information is not free and continued inflation of the current journal list makes sustaining the status quo untenable.  With the support of University Leadership the cancellations for FY2013 will not be as aggressive as believed in the Spring of 2012. 

With input from your faculty representatives to the Faculty Assembly Information Resources Committee (FAIRC) and Dykes Library personnel, the revised journal cancellation list is now available.  We will again purchase monographs and will discuss with FAIRC criteria by which those funds should be allocated and expended - print or electronic monographs.

During the Fall semester working with University Leadership and FAIRC, it appears that a work group will be formed to develop a plan to address a more reasonable and sustainable method of supporting information and services needs of researchers, faculty, clinicians and students.   Stay tuned.  We will keep the University community updated.   

The updated FAQ identifying how these cancellation decisions were made is here for your review.

Thank you again to the support of FAIRC members and University Leadership.

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